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Rent A Car Application

Rent A Car Application

What is the Rent A Car Application?

Rent a car application is a mobile application that allows companies doing business in the car rental sector to access the application that manages their car rental business and processes via mobile devices, allowing them to work flexible, versatile and efficient. While advanced rent a car programs also offer rent a car application service, businesses that prefer programs that do not offer this service either cannot fully benefit from the opportunities offered by technology or have to make special mobile applications by meeting serious investment costs.

What Can Be Done With The Rent A Car Application?

Rent a car application works in integration with the in-house application used in business and process management, allowing you to start, follow up and intervene when necessary, even when you are out of the company. In general, what you can do is as follows:

1. Reservation and Availability Management

2. Accessing Records Without Internet

3.Registration and Arrangements Made Are Reflected On All Devices

4. Current Account Tracking

5. Debt Receivable Tracking

6. Cash transactions, cash registers on a per person basis

7. Track your Bank and Credit Card accounts

8. Daily Vehicle Movements

9. Vehicles on Transfer

10. Vehicle Management

11. Desktop and Mobile Application

12. User Based Registration Tracking

13. Retrospective Record History

14. Following legal processes such as Maintenance, Inspection, Accident and Penalties

Although the application features listed above may be different in each application, they are generally in this way.

What Are The Advantages Of Using The Rent A Car Application?

As trade develops and changes day by day, we all know the situation of companies that cannot keep up with it. Enterprises that can follow technological developments and properly include them in the process continue to be one step ahead of their competitors and increase their trade volumes. While the habit of managing the business and processes of the company by spending long hours in the office from the past is now obsolete and towards the dusty shelves of history, the new generation company management has to be supported by completely flexible, time and place independent and innovative approaches. With the rent a car application, you can gain all the flexibility you need in company management. Without spending long hours in the office, you will have the opportunity to fully control the processes carried out wherever and whenever you want. However, the communication between you and your staff working in the field will be stronger and faster than ever before. So much so that even the slightest movement of your personnel working in the field can be seen by you or the relevant unit instantly and the necessary action can be taken immediately. When you visit any of your customers, you will have the opportunity to view all the information belonging to that customer through the rent a car application. This information is important information such as the summary of your past interviews, the customer's lease history, past accidents and similar adverse events and current status.

How To Use Titarus Rent A Car Application?

If you are a Titarus user, you do not have to pay any additional fees for mobile applications. Titarus rent a car program offers mobile application service among the additional services it offers. You can easily log in to the system with the access information defined for you through the application you download from the iOS and Android market to your mobile device. When you log in, you can manage all your business and processes in real time through the rent a car program that welcomes you with the interface design you are familiar with.

If you are not a Titarus user, please contact us to benefit from all of these privileged services under the most favorable conditions.


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