Rental Contrat

General Conditions

1) The lessee with his signature, acknowledge that the reserved the vehicle in proper operating condition, five tyres

In good condition, with coplete set of tools accessories and car registration papers and agrees to return the vehicle under the same conditions on the agreed date, time and place ,in case of extension, has to inform the lessor 24 hours in advence, end deposit the necasarry amount .

2) Lessee undertakes that the vehicle will not be used:

a) To transport goods in violation of laws and custom regulations, on for any other illegal purpores 

b) To push ortow any vehicle object.

c) In motor sports (Rally, Racing, Speed testing or reliability traials)

d) To drive on roads not open to and unsuitable for normal trafic.

e) To exceed this limits estabilished by trafic regulations and manifacturer for the number of passenger end or load capacity to be carried in the vehicle. Also to carry iflamable load.

f) By anyone under the influance of alcohol or drungs.

g) For pait carriage of passenger of goods whatever the method of paymend

3) Lessee must be in possension of a valid drink license for a minimum of 2 years. The minimum age reguired is 21.

4) The vehicle my not be driven  by persons other than whos namesar written in the dental agreement, under and circusances. the drives subject to Lessor's prior authorization, provided his fits the term and contitions, registerning his name and signature on the Rental  Agrement. Otherwhise all insurances become void. The Lessee, is responsible from the driver observing the tems.

5 Lessee has to inform the Lessor any adreess changer immadiately. Otherwhise, given address will be used for al legal correspondance.

6) The Lessee, undertakes to park the said vehicle in a said place, closed and loced , when not in use.

7) The Lessee, undertakes to park the reissuing expenses , and the rental changes for the time passed in the event of registiration papers / or plates.

8) Confisactionof the car by authorities, due to the fault of the Lessee or not, Lessee undertakes to pay all the rescue expenses as well as the rental charges up to the date of rescue. In case the vehicle cannot be rescued.  Lessee undertakes to the Lessor the value of the vehicle.

9) Traffic fines , tickets ,subseguents administrative sanctions, and damage caused to the car during being towed resulting form traffic violations incurred during the rental period or at Lesse’s expense.

10) Lessee, during the rental period or after delivering back the vehicle, discharges the Lessor from responsibility of the damage of and good, left or carried in the vehicle.

11) Since the Lessor is not manifacturer of the vehicle, can not be liable for any loss or defect resulting directy form a mechanicaldefect of said vehicle or the accessoires, from an accident or from any other reason.

12) Vehicle cannot leave Turkish Borders without offical permission of the Lessor.

13) The Lessee, shall in no event assing, sell hypothecate or pledge this contact, the vehicle, is equipment or tools or treat the same in any way dertrimental to the Lessor.

14) Lessor and Lessee both agrees to preserve their mutual benefist in tracing their rights and be responsible for jurdical expenses this proportion.

15) Lessee agrees to storage of his personal data. İn case of default of payment of return of the car under conditions in violation of this agreement or presentation of false personal documents, the personal date can be forwarded to a warning file.

16) Any infraction of any these under takingsempowers the Lessor to demand return of the vehicle forthwith, without being recuried to furnish justification or make ant payment whatever.

17) Lessor preserves the right, not the cancel the rental contact, not being subject to any indemnities or any reason.

18) The petrol is for Lessee’s acccount.

19) Lessee, during the period, will be responsible of the period will be responsible of the periodical mainanence (greasing, lubrication, oil change, water level, tyre pressureect  ) of the vehicle. These will be done free of charge by lessor’s offices or if done by an authorized service, it will be paid to the lessee in retun of an invoicetaken the name of lessor.

20) Normal mechanical wear, repair expenses are for account of the Lessor. However the event of any damage or repair needed by any cause other then normal wear, cau??? form the fault negligiance of the lesse, such as driving without oul or water, of freezing the motor or in similar occasions  Lessee to pay ail the damages at his expense as weil as transportation expenses of the vehicle Lessee also undertakes to pay the rental charges of vehicle for days out-work on the basis of the valid tariff. On the road expenses, will only reimbursed against bills in the name of Lessor and after confirmation.

21) Any supplementary or change clauses in terms in conditions are not valid unles ag??? and inscribed by both sides.

22) Any disputes araising hereunder shall be referred to the İstanbul Law and Execution Co??? to be resolved under Turkish Laws.

23) PAYMENT : The Lessee is personally liable to bye lessor or demand; the amaount of rental in accordance with the current tariffs, the optional items (CDW, PAI etc) he subscri??? by signing them, together with the eventual on way fee, and the legally  applied tax. At deli??? a deposit more than estimated sost is collected the final calculition will be made completion of rental dally is 24 hours Weekly or monthly rental are couanted as 7 ??? and 30 days. Delays exeeding 3 hours are charged as a full day.

24) INSURANCE : All the vehicle have compulsory third party insurance within the legal li???. Lessor  undertakes the responsibility in the event of injury or damage to third parties wi??? this legal limits of compulsory third party liability insurance in proportion will his ben???  from the insurance. Any respontibility above this limits returns to the lessee. Lessee has respontibility and his liable for the theft of the leased car and for all damages. However; t??? liabilities of the Lessee can be covert if the accepts and deposits agreed premiums. (C???

at the time of taking delivery of the vehicle and the full fill the following conditions. Other??? this CDW is void.

  • Lessee under no circumastances will intenfere the damage vehicle, and will be report accident, theft or fire to lessor and the nearest authority (Traffic police, local poli??? orgendarmeary ) immedialty, unless excused by the doctor’s repo???
  • Since the evulation of the accident has to be done bye authorites the driver will onley exp??? the happening and will not accept any charge realdily in his stateme???
  • Lessee must obtain and hand to the Lessor within 48 hours, a detailed accident report t??? form the nearest authority, alchol report, also the names and adresses of the wit???
  • In the event of theft of the vehicle, the Lessee has to report to the nearest authority a??? The Lessor immediality. Lessee is responsible to pay the rental on the due tariff basis fo??? first 45 day. If the vehicle cannot be fount.



  1. If the accident and alchol reports are submited.
  2. If the car driver by persons other than whos names ar written in the rental agreem???
  3. If the car is driver under the influence if alchol or drugs.
  4. If the driver does not possess a valid driver’s licence.
  5. If the legal speed limits and traffic regulations are violated.
  6. If the drivers is %100 faulty.
  7. If the accident / damage happens during pushing or towing a vehicle or any other ro??? object.
  8.  If the accident or damage happens after expiry of the rental period shown on the r??? agreement.
  9. If the accident happens during motor or on roads not open to and 7 or suitable for no??? traffic.

10) If the accident / damage happens due to overload or during transport inflammable g???

11) If the starts from sources without flame, such as cigarettes.

12) Cigarette burns and stains on the seat covers and tyre damage caused by misuse ar??? covered

13) Not being able to benefited, even partially, from the insurance for the damage injury not at tributed to this fault. Lessor preseves his right to return to the Lessee f??? loss.

14) Lessor declines all the responsibility fort he injury of the Lessee, driver or any pers??? the vehicle caused by a third party.

Contract and Attachments
For individual customers, in addition of signing the rent-a-car contract, at the time of the delivery they are required to present an invoice ( water, electricity etc.), issued on their credit cards or names. For commercial customers we request the submission of company documents (tax stamp, signature blank,  ID photocopy).
Driving License and Age
For economic vehicles, 23 years of age and at least 3 years of local or international competence. For luxury vehicles 25 years of age and at least 5 years of local or international competence.

Rental period
At least 3 (three) days. We give special price for long-time rentals.

 Include lubrication, maintenance, insurance guarantees against third parties (within legal policy boundaries).also, Prices include VAT.
Fuel on a tenant.

 The total cost will be paid at the delivery time. The shortest hire is 72 hours and in case of a delay, 1/3 of the full charge will be applied for each additional hour of delay. If delays override 3 hours, it will be calculated as a full day. Valid American Express, Visa, Eurocard, Master Card proprietors are not required to deposit.


If your vehicles had any damaged, it is necessary to file a report. The tenant is responsible for paying up to 1500 TL when he does not report. Tire blast, headlight and glass breaks and steppe stolen are not covered by insurance.
For the insurance to become valid, the alcohol report and traffic accident memo must be delivered to our office in less than 48 hours. To completely not be held responsible for the accident, you mustn't have been under the control of drugs or alcohol and the speed limits mustn't have been violated. Otherwise, the responsibility will be on the person who was uses the vehicle.

Traffic Fines
Traffic fines and OGS, HGS transit and illegal transit fees belong to the customer. If the vehicles are detained in traffic, this period will be included in the rental period. These terms and conditions are Liable to change without notice. We can change the vehicle type indicated in the reservations. Our vehicles cannot be taken abroad.