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Car Rental Agreements

Car Rental Agreements

Car rental agreements are official documents that are partially mandatory and are used to sign the economic and legal responsibilities between the car rental companies and the renter. Nowadays, the number of people who prefer to rent a car instead of buying a vehicle for economic reasons or depending on the period of need is increasing day by day. As a result of the rapid increase in demand, there are various legal regulations and various contracts put forward to protect the rights and interests of the parties. In this article, we will examine the car rental contracts signed by the parties during the vehicle and fleet leasing processes.

Car Rental Agreement

The car rental contract is the contract that determines the dates between which the rented vehicle is rented, the return date and conditions, the penalty conditions to be applied in case of delay in return or user-induced malfunctions. The brand, model and rental price of the rented vehicle must be found in the contract. This contract also specifies the obligations of the parties. While the rental is under the responsibility of the renter to deliver the rented vehicle ready and working, it is also the responsibility of the lessor to return the delivered vehicle in the same way. Again, in this contract, it also clarifies the situation that the rented vehicle is punished with traffic tickets during the rental period. Traffic fines issued to the rented vehicle during the period of use are paid by the lessor and this situation is finalized by the contract.

Vehicle Fleet Rental Agreement

The main difference that separates the vehicle fleet rental agreement from the car rental agreement is the amount of vehicles rented. As the number of leased vehicles increases, all of these vehicles are called fleets. As in all areas of trade, various discounts and similar issues specified in the contract can be included in the fleet leasing transaction. Since the rental fee incurred in the vehicle fleet rental is much higher, a more detailed contract is prepared and detailed information about the parties is added to the contract. Also, legal conditions such as the number of vehicles, information about each vehicle, insurance, maintenance, repair, damage expenses, and termination conditions are also signed in the contract.

Work Machine Rental Agreement

Although the construction equipment rental contract is not much different from other contracts, a detailed contract is prepared again due to the increase in the rental price. This contract includes various information such as the start and end date of the rental period, the city where the construction machine will be used, who will cover the maintenance and repair and accident expenses, termination conditions and which courts are authorized in case of dispute.

Motorcycle Rental Agreement

In the motorcycle rental contract, the starting and ending date of the rental period, detailed information about the parties, maintenance, repair and accident expenses and traffic fines are determined. However, the condition of the motorcycle is also included in the contract. In addition, clearly stating the delivery conditions will provide convenience to the parties in possible disputes.

Bicycle Rental Agreement

In the bicycle rental agreement, the information about the parties and the delivery and return dates of the rented bike are specified. However, the rental fee and other conditions are also included in the contract.

Commercial License Plate Rental Agreement

These contracts, which are generally used in taxi and minibus plate rental, are long-term contracts. Generally, the rental process can continue for years or even decades. Generally, they are legal entities that cannot afford plate prices but want to transport passengers. The contract includes information about the parties, the rental fee and how it will be paid, which court is the competent court for non-compliance with the obligations, and various penal terms.

Sea Vehicles Rental Agreement

The marine vehicle rental agreement has almost the same content as the car rental agreement. Detailed information about the vessel, information about the lessor and the lessor, the rental price and how it will be paid, which is the competent court in case of dispute, are included in this contract.


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