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Car Rental Conditions

Car Rental Conditions

What is required to rent a car?


All data requested by the car rental company from the customer are recorded for use in the rental process. It is not possible to use personal data except for rental purposes.

Driver Age

Car rental companies require the renter to be at least 21 years old as per insurance conditions. This age limit is set as 25 for middle and upper class vehicles and 28 for large vehicles.

Duration of License

Although the car rental conditions of each car rental company may differ, it is generally required for the driver to have a 2-year license for medium and upper class vehicles, while this period is determined as 3 years and more for luxury and large vehicles.

Additional Driver

Rental vehicles must be used by the driver registered with his driver's license when renting. If the vehicle will be used by a different driver, it is one of the conditions of car rental to inform the rental company of this person.

Car Rental Periods

The car rental period is at least 1 day. In case of renting less than a day, the calculation of the rental fee for one day is within the terms of the car rental.

Kilometer Limit

A mileage limit is determined for each rented vehicle. This car rental condition, which is valid for every vehicle except for the vehicles rented with the unlimited mileage condition, is accrued to the customer in the form of the km (x) determined by the rental company when the mileage limit is exceeded.

Payment Methods

Car rental companies request that the rental fee be paid partially or completely by credit card, money order or cash during the rental. If partial payment is accepted, the remaining amount is paid at the delivery of the vehicle to the company.

Deposit / Provision

Rental companies may submit a certain amount of authorization from the customer's credit card as a car rental condition in order to make payments such as traffic and parking fines, missing fuel, damages not covered by insurance, transportation of unprotected pets or cleaning expenses arising from smoking during the rental period. In the provision process, no cost is reflected on the credit card as expenditure, only the amount is blocked during the lease term.

Casko / Insurance

All of the rented vehicles are insured with the rent a car insurance. In order for this type of insurance to be valid, it is required that no alcohol and drugs are used, the legal speed limits are complied with, the vehicle is used only by the persons registered in the contract, the load limit is not exceeded or the vehicle is not used outside of the highways. Insurance can be operated by keeping the alcohol and drug report at the time of the accident and sending it to the rental company within 48 hours.

Flight Information

In case the rented vehicle is picked up at the airport, it is the lessor's responsibility to report the flight information to the rent a car company. The responsibilities of delivery in the car rental terms should be understood well, the necessary information should be delivered to the rental company on time.

Delivery and Returns

Vehicle delivery and return operations can be carried out from the specified addresses or can be picked up and delivered to the address in accordance with the company's own policies.


Today, rental companies deliver vehicles with two types of fuel conditions. These are get blank / leave blank or get full / leave full. This situation should be reported to the customer by the rental company within the car rental conditions.

Bridge and Highway Crossings

Rental companies define automatic transition systems to each vehicle they rent. The amount accrued at each toll booth is requested and collected from the customer at the delivery of the vehicle.

Submission of the Vehicle as Brand / Series / Model or Similar

In some cases, the vehicle requested by the customer cannot be delivered to him. In cases such as the late return of the vehicle from the previous customer, damage and similar problems, solutions such as changing a vehicle or giving a higher class vehicle are applied in accordance with company policies and car rental conditions.

Going Abroad

It is not possible for a vehicle rented in Turkey to go abroad, as clearly stated in the car rental conditions.

Cancellation and Change Procedures

Car rental companies follow different policies for cancellations. While some car rental companies make a refund, some companies have the right to keep the fee to be used in future leases. In the change transactions, in case of a class difference, the difference fee is reflected. Otherwise, the change is made free of charge.

The information we provide in this article, where we try to explain the car rental conditions, may differ between companies. If you own a rent a car company, you can use Titarus to contract your car rental terms and present them to your customers, and to keep all the contracts you have made between you and your customers in a digital environment without any problems.


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