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Car Rental System

Car Rental System

What is a Car Rental System?

The car rental system is software created to perform basic functions such as managing the fleets of companies dealing with rent a car business, managing rental processes, preparing and recording contracts.

The developing technology and the speed in social life have increased the importance of car rental companies even more. It has become vital for car rental companies to show continuous improvement and to manage the entire operation with a certain order and error-free. Whether you have a few vehicles or a huge fleet, you need to provide serious effort and discipline to manage the operation. As such, getting the help of technology can put you one step ahead. Titarus Car Rental System is ready to help you at this point.

Basically, Titarus Car Rental System is a pioneering software that allows you to track your contracts and reservations online 24 hours a day, regardless of time and place, and intervene when necessary. To examine in detail,

Rent A Car Management

Regardless of how many vehicles you have, you can easily do time-consuming tasks such as managing and analyzing contracts, viewing your customers and managing risk with Titarus Car Rental System with a few clicks. In addition, you can easily follow the legal obligations of each vehicle such as inspection, periodic maintenance, insurance on the schedule, and manage all your works in a certain order.


On the website we offer you with the Titarus Car Rental System, users can make reservations by viewing the vehicles that best suit their needs. The system records all the information you need by requesting it from the customer. When the customer chooses a vehicle, he / she can pay by credit card and make the rental process immediately. Titarus Car Rental System works 100% compatible and integrated with your website and saves time by preventing chaos. Moreover, your website is 100% compatible with all mobile devices.

As you can accept reservations on your website, you can also create a new reservation yourself through the system at any time.

Accounting Management

Titarus Car Rental System comes with integrated features that will ease your accounting work. You can easily record your company's daily, monthly, annual income and expense charts, current records and short-term expenses such as expense and advance, and even manage your invoices on a single screen.

Customer Relations (CRM)

Today, the biggest strength of companies, without exaggeration, is the customer information they have. A living company has to keep constantly growing customer records in a certain order. Titarus Car Rental System includes features that help you in this area as well.

Important information such as offers, personal data and current records for each customer are recorded in the system and kept accessible within a few seconds whenever needed. Titarus Car Rental System, which makes your job easier while preparing a new offer, is specially programmed so that you can use the proposal template you have created over and over again.

Human Resources

Every stage of the operation you manage is operated by an individual, and you need to manage this workforce correctly in order to achieve success by reaching your goals. Titarus Car Rental System, which includes a section designed to manage your legal obligations against your employees, allows you to easily fulfill your legal obligations such as personal files.

As the operation grows, the organization becomes a phenomenon that needs to be addressed in more detail. Thanks to the Titarus Car Rental System, you can assign each individual working in your company as you wish, and record who has which responsibilities.

It is also important to inspect your employees individually at certain periods and to examine their performance. With the Titarus Car Rental System, you can easily observe personal performances, view leave, work schedule and other activities easily.


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